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Modern masturbation with a contemporary design, the CONTROL Power-Bator offers hands-free thrusting, soothing heat, and sexy talking and moaning simultaneously or independently. The rechargeable motor offers powerful performance with 7 intense thrusting modes allowing for personalized pleasure. The internal sleeve surrounds the shaft with supple, provocative textures to heighten this powerful masturbation experience.

Features & Benefits

• Piston-Action Thrusting
• Hands-Free Fun
• Sexy Female Talking & Moaning
• USB Rechargeable
• Instantly Heats Up
• Removable Stretchy, Flexible Sleeve
• Removable & Adjustable Suction Cup

Operating Instructions

All modes can be used simultaneously or independently.

• Thrusting: To activate thrusting, press and hold the thrusting button for 3 secs. Press the thrusting button to cycle between the 7 thrusting modes. Press and hold for 3 secs. to turn off.

• Heating: To activate heating mode, press the heat button for 3 secs. It can take several minutes for your Power-Bator to warm to body temperature. Press and hold for 3 secs. to turn off.

• Talking/Moaning: To activate talking/moaning, press and hold the speaker button for 3 secs. Press the speaker button to cycle between the 3 sound levels. Press and hold for 3 secs. to turn off. There is also an audio jack located on the back of the Power-Bator & includes FREE headphones.

• Charging: The Power-Bator is conveniently USB-Rechargeable and includes a charging cord

Care Instructions

Cleanup is a snap after the fun with antibacterial toy cleaner and warm water.