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Her Silicone Fun Tongue



Her Silicone Fun Tongue was conveniently tucked inside her purse‚ until now! She pulled out the streamlined case and smiled at her new favorite personal toy. She pressed the heating button to begin the warming mode, which always helped her relax. Then she pressed the power button arousing vibrations hummed and the swaying tongue began to move teasingly back and forth.

She guided the tongue to the tip of her clit and allowed it to lick her sensitive pleasure point. Ahhhh, she gently moaned as the tongue gave her the oral stimulation she loved. She removed the silicone rim so she could direct the flickering tongue deeper into her erogenous area. She pressed the button again and again to enjoy a variety of sensual sensations as she felt a warmth spread through her entire body. It never took her long to orgasm with Her Silicone Fun Tongue. Her climax was becoming irresistible and she gave in to her passion. Her toes curled and her muscles tensed as a thrilling shudder surged through her body. She sighed and let the tongue linger. This was her ultimate oral fantasy fulfilled and she couldn't wait to enjoy Her Silicone Fun Tongue again soon.

Features & Benefits

• Powerful Automated Tongue
• Multi-Function
• Removable Silicone Rim
• USB Rechargeable
• Warming Function
• Travel Case
• Waterproof

Operating Instructions

Simply press and hold the power button for 3 seconds to turn on or off.
Press the power button to cycle through 7 modes of quiet, powerful vibration.
Press and hold the heating button to activate the warming element. It can take several minutes for your Fantasy For Her Silicone Fun Tongue to heat to body temperature warmth.

Charging Instructions: Your Fantasy For Her® Silicone Fun Tongue is conveniently USB rechargeable and comes with a magnetic charging cord. Charging takes approximately 2 hours, and once fully charged, the charge will last for approximately 2 hours.

Care Instructions

Cleanup is a snap after the fun with antibacterial toy cleaner and warm water.