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Fantasy For Her - Duo Wand Massage-Her



She deliberately locked her bedroom door and removed her Duo Wand Massage-Her from her drawer.

She was already thinking about how incredible both Duo Wand Massage-Her motors would feel*one motor with its deep, rumbling vibrations and the other motor with intense, pinpoint pleasure. She pressed the button to turn on the powerful vibrations‚ She writhed in pleasure, pushing her Duo Wand Massage-Her's round head against her swollen clitoris. Her delicate area was responding to the deep vibration. She turned on the pinpoint massager end and slipped it in and out between her slippery lips. Slowly she inserted the tip and stroked her most intimate canal. She pressed her Massage-Her forward internally to rub against her G-spot. Fluttering, pulsing vibrations filled her with lusty desire. She pressed the button again to intensify the vibrations. Her body responded to the Duo Wand Massage-Her and her orgasm felt like a thousand volts of erotic electricity running through her. She laid back on the bed and let her eyes close.

Was it too soon to daydream about her next self-love session?

Features & Benefits

• Elite Silicone
• Flexible Neck
• USB Rechargeable
• Multi-Function
• Waterproof

Operating Instructions

Charging Instructions: Rechargeable via the included USB cord.

Vibration Power On/Off: Press power button to turn unit on. Press function button A to start vibration of head motor. Press function button A to cycle through 10 patterns of vibration. Press function button B to start vibration of pinpoint motor. Press function button B to cycle through 10 patterns of vibration. Both motors can be used simultaneously. Press power button to turn unit off.

Care Instructions

Cleanup is a snap after the fun with antibacterial toy cleaner and warm water.