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Body Dock Elite Mini



No Rings. No Snaps. No Hassle!

PUSH-AND-PLAY Patented Powerful Suction Design!

The patented Body Dock® Elite Mini takes strap-on play to a whole new level! It features a premium silicone docking plate that conforms to your body, adjustable side-release buckles, and padded back support. The Elite Mini was specifically designed for dildos with smaller suction cups, and provides a more petite fit. Changing your favorite strap-on accessory has never been faster or easier! It’s as simple as attaching the suction cup on your favorite dildo or vibrator to the docking plate, while the nylon straps easily adjust to fit most sizes and body types. Best of all, it works with most dildos on the market today, including some you may already own. No rings. No snaps. No hassle!

Patented Suction-Based Design

Push and Play! Simply push the suction cup of your favorite dildo or vibrator against the concave suction dock until ALL of the air between them is released! The suction creates a super-strong bond with no need for rings or snaps!

The Angled Suction Plate Keeps your Dildo Erect

The Body Dock® features an angled suction dock to help counteract sagging caused by traditional harnesses, keeping everything looking as natural & true to life as possible.

Features & Benefits

• The easiest silicone strap-on harness system on the market
• Optimized for dildos with a suction cup diameter of 2.6 in. (6.6 cm) or smaller
• Angled suction dock keeps dildo erect
• Compact form-fitted silicone body plate conforms to your body's curves
• Heavy duty nylon straps, padded back support, and adjustable buckles
• Easily adjusts to fit waist sizes up to 54 in. (137 cm)

Operating Instructions

How to Use: Push the suction cup of your favorite dildo or vibrator* against the concave suction dock until ALL of the air between them is released. The suction creates a super-strong vacuum between them and holds tight while the action heats up! To break the bond, simply lift the edge of the suction cup.

*The docking plate diameter measures 2.6 in. (6.6 cm) and accommodates any dildo with a suction cup diameter smaller than this size.

Care Instructions

Do not use the Body Dock® in the bath or shower.

For Best Results: Make sure that the Body Dock is clean and dry before attaching any intimate accessories. Always attach your accessories to the Body Dock before applying any lubricant. If you get lubricant on the Body Dock and/or the bottom of the suction cup, clean with a mild detergent/antibacterial cleaner and warm water, and then dry.

Care Instructions: Spot clean with mild detergent and warm water. Hang to dry.