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Holey Trinity



Holey Trinity is a multi-function massager with three-way-pleasure tongues. Created to arouse with extravagant stimulation, the long slender tongue vibrates and is the perfect length to caress your G-spot, while the two smaller tongues provocatively twirl in unison. When the slender tongue is inserted, the dual oscillating tongues tickle and tempt your clit and anal regions for a pleasure celebration!

Holey Trinity can be used for arousing solo sex sessions or shared with a partner for a sublime sexual adventure. Celebrate endless fun and discover playful possibilities!

    Features & Benefits

    • Multi-Function & Multi-Speed Vibrations
    • Pleasure in the Palm of Your Hand
    • Elite Silicone
    • USB Rechargeable‚
    • Splashproof

    Operating Instructions

    Center Vibe: Press and hold the wave button for 3 seconds to turn on. Press the wave button again to cycle through the 7 levels and 3 speeds of vibration.

    Side Tongues: Press and hold the circle button for 3 seconds to turn on. Press the circle button again to cycle through the 10 directional patterns. To turn off, simply press and hold the desired button for 3 seconds.