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PDX Elite - Tip Teazer Power Pump



Experience intense pleasure right where you want it!

Powerful vibration and amazing suction surrounds the head of your penis in pure satisfaction! Enjoy a powerful pleasure combination like never before with both intense vibration and incredible suction directly at the tip of your penis.

The PDX ELITE® Tip Teazer Power Pump provides concentrated pleasure with a soft, flexible internal vibration pad covered in teasing pleasure nubs, and a smooth, stretchy Elite Silicone™ donut that snugly surrounds your penis head. With an easy on-and-off switch, and a release button that can be pulsed for additional stimulation, you can experience a vacuum-tight seal and the best blowjob of your life!

Features & Benefits

• Ultra-Strong Suction
• Powerful Vibrations
• Smooth‚ & Stretchy Elite Silicone
• Battery operated

Operating Instructions

The Elite Silicone donut provides a tight, vacuum seal. The quick-release button immediately relieves suction and can be pulsed for extra stimulation.

Uses 2 AA Batteries, not included.

Care Instructions

The donut sleeve is made from Elite Silicone, the most hygienic material available. Clean up is a snap after the fun with warm water and antibacterial cleaner. Be sure to use a water-based lubricant with this silicone piece.